Is your business card too boring?

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From the frugality-be-damned part of the world and the WSJ comes news that fancy and unique business cards — we’re talking silk and wood materials — are the new fad in executive life. Their purpose appears to be mainly for paper companies to continue to compete in a world of electronic address books and high-tech PDAs. Having never owned a business card in my life, even a plain and basic one issued by the corporation, and even as a professional, I can’t say I’ll be buying. But I know of many who’ll gladly plop down money to use it as a way to define their uniqueness. What do you think?


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3 Feedbacks on "Is your business card too boring?"


I think the extra flair added to todays business cards is probably a waste of money. It is just a way to stand out among the rest of the ordinary business cards. I went to a seminar several years ago for a unique type of business card. It is not a true business card but replaces the paper kind with a fancy case, your picture, graphics and a DVD inside with a proffesional video about you. It was crazy and expensive but unique for attracting attenton from high net worth clients.


I like the business card exchange scene in American Psycho. The narrator presents a long discourse on the importance and qualifications of a proper business card.


I remember that scene. They banter on about the quality of the paper stock and font types. Hilarious. Life imitating art, then, I guess?


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