Direction, but not goals


This sounds funny coming from a blog about business and finance, but Experiments in Finance has no goals. Direction, yes. Intent, yes. But no goals.

I’ve been goal-oriented most of my life, and to be sure, it’s been useful in getting me where I am. But I’ve decided to take a different approach with this site. Consider the title of this site: it’s an experiment. And it’s a hobby. When’s the last time you did your hobby because you set goals? Hobbies aren’t like diets. It’s the process of rebuilding that TR6 that you enjoy, not the finished product itself.

But of course, you’ve got to have some direction, and here are the ones for Experiments in Finance:

  1. Be an enjoyable pursuit – Both for me, its author, and its readers
  2. Be helpful and useful – Talk and encourage discussion about both traditional and innovative finance topics, not just the usual drivel
  3. Increase participation – In the form of having relevant comments and links going to and from other sites each month
  4. Be an outlet for creativity – Writing each and every day, as well as finding topics, is a fun challenge, as is changing the look of the site from time to time
  5. Have some increasing earnings – Darren posted recently about looking at % growth in earnings each month rather than setting a $ goal. This makes plenty of sense to me. I’m just happy that so far this month, I’ve suddenly gotten Adsense clicks every day.

Those are it. No measurements, no dates, no numbers.

I’ve set stretch goals and focused all my efforts on achieving them before in life, and it worked. Now it’s time for me to try focusing on something I enjoy. If in the process I find out that the old adage that when you do what you like, money will follow is true, all the better. If not, while my site still meets all the benefits listed above sans the last, I’ll still be very satisfied.


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