How many credit cards do you have and what’s their combined credit limit?

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Here’s my contribution to JLP’s Question of the Day Marathon:

How many credit cards do you have, and what’s their combined credit limit?

We have three: two Citibank Dividend MCs and a Visa from our credit union. We use the first two, serially, to get up to $600 cash back each year (since there’s a $300 reward cap on each one), and the third for when we’re outside the US, because it “only” charges Visa’s 1% foreign transaction fee for purchases made outside the country. (The Citibank cards charge 3%.) Total credit line for the three cards is over $34K, which I find pretty ridiculous since that represents an unhealthy chunk of our post-tax income. Apparently, though, having a low credit utilization positively impacts your credit score, something I didn’t know ’til I did a bit of research for this post.

Now it’s your turn. And thanks in advance for sharing and reading!

Update: Interesting how many responders don’t use/own credit cards. MyFico has some and lists the average number of credit cards at 9!


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90 Feedbacks on "How many credit cards do you have and what’s their combined credit limit?"


We have one VISA card with a $10k limit. We use it only for convenience or large purchases. Otherwise, we prefer to stick with cash.

Nice to see that you’re a fellow Michigan grad. Keep up the good work!


I have one store card that I thought I had closed the account 15 years ago. It has a limit of $250 and I don’t ever use it.

Credit Cards are something I find to be too dangerous for me to have. I’d much rather save and pay cash


I personally have three credit cards, two Chase Mastercards and an MBNA Visa, at $8k, $7500, and $3800, total $19,300. I also have a “phantom” Amex on my credit report with a line of $16k which was a joint card with my parents for emergencies in college. We closed it but it’s still on there.


I don’t have any anymore! At the time when I first held that little piece of plastic (age 18), I thought it was magic money. I had to find out the hard way that it’s NOT! lol However, I think I will apply for another one soon. For now, I use my Paypal debit card as a credit card.

sf mom

We have 6 credit cards (including my AmEx for work.) with a total of $65,500.

I just paid off all but one and have a clear plan to get the other down to 0 in 10 months.

Thanks to Single Ma for talking about credit cards a few weeks ago. I had all of these numbers at my fingertips because of her guidance.

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I have one Citibank AAdvantage Mastercard with an $11,500 limit. My husband has an identical card with a $5,000 limit.

I also have an old Neiman Marcus card that I never use that has a $1,000 limit – the only reason I got this was because I worked there and wanted to take advantage of my 30% discount! Additionally, we have a J.Crew card with a $700 limit that we use but always have paid off.

Like Kira, there is a “phantom” card on my credit report as well that is a card that I was an authorized signer on. It was my parents and I had it in college for emergencies. I think it has about a $6,000 limit, but I don’t have the card anymore, so it doesn’t really count.
That’s me!


I have zero credit cards with a total available credit limit of zero.

Unlike most pfbloggers, I scorn credit cards. I think they’re a dangerous trap for most people. Yes, I’ve heard all about how you can save money with 1% discounts here and cash-back rewards there, but I don’t care. If they work for you, that’s great, but I think it’s a dangerous thing to advocate their use. Credit cards are designed to be a trap, and for most people that’s just what they are.

Can you tell that I feel strongly about this? :)


Chase (4 cards, 1 in regular use for almost all expenses)
Total limit: $19,200
Citi (5 cards, 1 in use for gas/groceries, 2 for 0% BTs)
Total limit: $15,200
American Express (1 card, for travel/cell phone)
Total limit: $5,300
Charles Schwab (2 cards, not in use)
Total limit: $9,800

I have store cards that I only use when it gets me a 10-15% discount, trumping the 1% cashback award on my regular card, but I don’t know their limits:
Victoria’s Secret

I know it seems high but I’ve either shelved half of them or only use them for passive financing like the 0% BTs. I suppose they can also be used for emergencies as well but I would only use them that way when I know I have the cash to pay it off by the due date.

debt monster

We have 2 credit cards with a combined credit limit of $38,700.

We have a $10K balance on one we are paying off very aggressively then we are closing it.

The other we use for monthly utility bills like electric, gas, cable, netflix, phone and pay it off each month. I just do this so I can control when the EFT goes through and not the company. I think when I am debt free, I can then go back and have these transactions come out of my checking account via EFT but for now, since I am using every extra cent to pay off debt, this helps manage timing of payments. Anyone else do this?


I have a ton of cards, but only carry a balance on one (which will finally be paid off in a couple of months…)

Discover: 6,700
Chase: 16,700
MBNA: 15,000
Am Ex Blue: 25,000
Am Ex One: No limit

We use the Am Ex One for all of my husband’s business expenses (he has his own company) and put the 1% reward into savings. Suprisingly that 1% is pretty substantial.

The huge limits are not a temptation for me. I’ve had my experience with CC debt and absolutely abhor it. Other than the one with the balance, I pay them off every month.


Luckily I hosted a meme on this topic a few weeks ago, so I didn’t even have to do any math.

I have five cards, two of which I actively use, and the total of all their credit limits is $30,400


1) Discover (for cash-back properties: get either true cash (straight to my ING savings) or giftcards from Olive Garden, Bennigan’s, etc. which add a $5 kicker to the $20 base amount). Have most utilities and home/car insurance billed to this…
2) Citibank Upromise-get up to $300/year for my oldest’s 529 (hubby uses it for personal stuff since he’s not as huge of a Discover fan as I am.) I’m slowly converting…
3) AMEX/co-branded w/Hilton-for husband’s biz exp. He travels frequently and the accum. hotel points provide free rooms for our family vacations
4) Target Visa-used mainly at Target; earn 10% off a 1-day shopping “spree” whenever charges accumulate to $1000; on these “spree” days I’m easily spending $200 or more, (that’s when I stock up on HBA, paper products, dog food/treats, toy bday gifts, etc.) so I’m saving at least $20. Also can save 10% on prescriptions that day.
5) Store cards: Carson’s, Kohl’s, Victoria’s Secret…use just for special coupon days that require their card. Also have a Best Buy and Lowes CC for when we had large purchases at zero-percent financing. Probably should close them…

Total limit is around $50,000. All are paid in full monthly. All are registered w/Upromise…

The value of all the affinity bonuses easily exceeds $1000 during the year. We’ve always been able to control ourselves and know the money’s there to pay the bill, so credit cards are a lucrative tool for us.

P.S. I don’t play the ZBT game…did it during my husband’s law school years…that was enough!


1 Visa card – $20,000 limit
1 AMEX Platinum – Unlimited (at least as far as I can tell)
1 Corporate AMEX – Unlimited

No store cards, I always refuse them even when they are dangling purchase discounts at me. It’s just too much hassle to cancel and I want to get the reward points on my VISA and AMEX cards. I pay the fat fee for the AMEX Platinum in order to get certain travel benefits.

Wife has only 1 VISA, 1 AMEX, and 1 Lord & Taylor card, plus a couple of cards for her business.


Forgot to mention that we never carry balances on any of these cards. For that reason the CC companies have actually stopped sending us special offers. I haven’t gotten a special CC offer in maybe 10 years.

The only reason we have as many cards as we do, is the simple fact that some places only accept one type of card – for example places that accept only VISA, not AMEX. So, we carry both. Than also, there is a need to keep business expenses separate, so we each have business cards.

Long time ago, I used to have a lot of CC’s. It only served to complicate life and offered a false sense of security, not to mention making iden theft easier. And something about having a lot of cards makes me want to use them.


We have three primary cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx) and the credit limits just got jacked up on all three to an unhealthy level. We haven’t changed them due to the utilization factor part of our credit score.

We have several store cards as well, but only one carries a balance because we received zero interest on several appliance purchases.

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:: How many credit cards do you have, and what’s their combined credit limit?



We have one credit-union Visa with a $9500 limit, and one MBNA mastercard with a $30K limit. We also have a Mervyn’s store card with a $500 limit that my wife uses to get 10% discounts when she shops there.

We use the Visa for online purchases and autopayments, and the MBNA card for travel.

We haven’t carried a balance on any of them since the late 1980s.


I have 2 with a combined limit of $26k and never carried a balance on them.


I have 13 cards with a total limit of around 55k. I actually wrote a post recently, My Credit Cards and their Limits, detailing each card, why I got it, etc. Some where obtained because I didn’t know any better (capital one) and others for signup bonuses, 0% bt offers, and even some to actually use. I am going to continue to try to get the limits increased to increase the utilization part of my fico score.

To summarize, I use credit cards for every purchase I can. I am extremely frugal and give alot of though to each purchase, even for very small ones, so I feel fairly confident that I don’t spend more because of them.

The cards I keep with me and use are chase cash plus rewards for groceries, gas, and drug stores, citi mtvu for bookstores, movies, and restaurants, and mbna/fidelity for everything else. This allows me 2-5% cash back on all purchases.

Credit cards are meant to be a trap but I would recommend everyone get at least one for their credit score. If you think it might change your spending habits you can keep it and only use it say every 6 months and pay it off immediately to keep it from being closed.


We have 4, with a combined limit of 36,900. A ridiculous amount of that limit is in use because of going into business with no capital and no loans. Scary.


Right now I have a citibank card with almost no balance (it’ll be zero by this time next month) and a limit of $14.5k, and a newly acquired Amex Blue Cash card to which I’m moving a lot of my debt(which is detailed on my blog, which has a limit of $15k and will soon have a balance of $13.4k once my car loan and student loan are transferred.

total cards = 2
total limit = $29.5k

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I took part in Claire’s meme spread, but I’ll repeat myself because I’m absolutely astounded a bank would offer up more in unsecured credit than I generally make in a year.

We have 3 cards – a Chase with a $22,600 limit, an MBNA with $22,100, and an American Express Blue with $17,900, for a grand total of $62,600 worth of rope to hang ourselves. Right now about $7,500 is still outstanding, but looking to aggressively getting that zeroed out when we finally finish our renovating! ;)


DH and I have a lot of cards combined. I have three store cards which are paid in full or evenly split across two months whenever they are used. I also have a Mastercard, which is heavily used for educational and medical expenses (we keep getting medical surprises these days, ick). DH has a Visa, one store card, and a charge card set up via the oral surgeon to help us pay for his surgery. Combined our limit is $28,100…wow, never took the time to look at that! Plus, we have 7 credit cards, wow, that’s waaay too many! Good thing we only have a balance on 3 of them!!! Thanks for posting this question, I always meant to own just one credit card, DH and I may need to weed out some of these cards!

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JLP at AllFinancialMatters

Between the two of us, my wife and I have four cards, none with balances. Total available credit of around $50,000.

We use our debit card for all of our purchases.


I’ve accumulated several more than I use. Some of them aren’t worth the hassle to use, i.e. no online payment option, no online access, non-competitive, or excessive rate, etc.

I use an AMEX Optima (no annual fee), a VISA, and a MasterCard debit. The limits between the credit cards is too much, but I don’t argue as it seems to help my credit score.

Single Ma

I only have 10 with a total CL of $168,000.


Currently, four cards with a combined credit limit of $25,500.

I only use the Discover Gas card regularly now, and I pay off the balance each month. The others have $0 balance and live in my lock box. I may switch to the Amazon Visa once I hit my annual cashback bonus limit on gas purchases on the Discover, though. ;)


I just got a secured credit card through Wells Fargo, for the specific purpose of building credit. I only use to pay for monthly budgeted expenses, and I keep it at about 30% of the balance- in order to build credit.

I am also getting ready to open a couple more cards, again- to build credit.

Too many cards with too high of limits (as mentioned in original post) actually works against your credit.

However, if you can control yourself, credit becomes one of the most valueable tools in your bag on the path to financial freedom!


Two cards with a total credit limit of $10,300. Any higher and I would get into debt. So far, I’ve managed to pay them off in total every month because I spend a minimum on them.

I’m amazed though at some of the limits – I know my brother has 3 cards with a limit of over $35,000 in total and he doesn’t even earn that much annually!


I have a $250 dollar limit credit card while my wife has a $750 limit credit card. We do not use them too much and always pay them off when the bill comes. We are stearing towards using cash instead of our debit cards so credit cards are pretty much off limits for us.


I have accumulated five credit cards over the years for a combined credit limit of $46,000. Double-checked. Amazing.


i have 4 credit cards, and their credit limits total between $17,000-18,000. i’m happy to say i never reached that limit! i thought having more but heard that it will affect my credit report and scores.

It would be cool to see what people’s purchase & cash advance & bt interest rates are…. (primarily for those with credit card accounts that have been open for more than a year.)


6 Credit Cards…
Total Credit: $108,100

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3 cards with a total of about $30K. I carry a balance of about $8K right now. My HELOC issued me a card, but I don’t use it ever.

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Single Ma

“Too many cards with too high of limits (as mentioned in original post) actually works against your credit.”

prlink – that is the furthest from the truth! Where did you learn that?


I have 7 cards with a total credit limit of $75,900. I use my Amex (Delta Skymiles) regularly and pay it off each month. My Best Buy card has a balance of less than $1,000 – I purchased my 42inch plasma on that card with 18 months, 0%. Therefore I am not paying interest on any cards.

Oh, I have a corporate Amex but I don’t count that one as one of my cards.


Well, my site is No Credit Needed, and I don’t actually USE my credit cards… but, I still have 3 open credit card accounts, with roughly 50K in available credit…which I’ll never use…

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Ivan V.

I once had one VISA, one MC, and one airline card totalling $56,000 MXP (about $5,000 USD). As debt started to crush me, I managed to pay off all of them, and now I only have the MC which I requested to have the credit limit lowered to the minimum which is $5,000 MXP / ~$450 USD.

And I only keep it because there are some things I just cannot buy any other way, and even then, I first deposit the amount I’m gonna use and never use the credit.

I’m sure the bank hates me.

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I have a total of 6 credit cards:

1 MasterCard
1 gas card
2 dept store cards

Total limit is ~$22k. Total balance is ~$15k.

Probably about half of that is from being careless in college (which wasn’t that long ago for me), and the other half is from a series of large expenses not too long ago, but been gaining some good traction on paying it down.

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Penny Nickel

Just two– the MBNA I’ve had since I started college, which is now up to a limit of $15,000, and which I stopped using 1 1/2 years ago when it stopped giving me Barnes & Noble reward certificates; and the Citi card I got in its place and now use regularly, with a limit of $8,200. I never carry a balance; I use them for the rewards/cash back (and also because the statements help me keep track of what I’m spending on).

King of Debt

We have 10 with a combined credit line of $60,000.

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[…] How many credit cardsdo you have andwhat’s their combinedcredit limit? […]


I have too many to count… I think it is around 15-20 cards with a limit around $150,000.



Two, Discover and MC, but I don’t know what their limits are. The interest rates are 25% and 14% respectively, but I’m no longer using them. I also have 3 debit cards and just applied for an Amex so I can get the rebates.

Lazy Man and Money

I have 4 credit cards, with about $30,000 in available credit. I always keep them paid off and only use them for the rewards.

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Empty Spaces

I have about 9 cards, but i only use 3 of them.
my total balance is probably around 70k. on the three that i use its 42k.
my total outstanding balance is $1011.00 its at 2.99% for life and i’ll pay it off over the 2 years!

i also have 2 biz credit cards that i use for biz purchase with limit of 6k on each.


Old blog item, but wanted to chime in:

Total of 7 cards with total of 76K limit

2 cards are never used, 3 are rewards cards for different types of purchases that I use all the time, and two are for 0% balance transfers to gain free interest (I’ll payoff and ditch the latter two cards as soon as the promotional period is over)

I’ve never had more than $4k debt combined at any one time (excluding the 0% balance transfer debt, which just stays in the bank anyway)

Random Guy

about 15 (need to get rid off them soon!) … and CL $60k and about 5.6K loan balances in 0-4% fixed rate. I have completely moved to using Charge cards. Now i actively use only one AMEX plat, and a United Miles Visa.

Credit Lisa

I have 3 credit cards and they give me about $10 000. I cann’t imagine people having up to 10 credit cards!

Question of The Day Marathon Entry 16 by No Credit Needed

[…] Experiments In Finance […]


1. Capital one –> limit=$600, Balanace=$0

2. BOA VISA –> limit=$700, Balance=$0

3. BOA VISA –> limit=$7500, Balance=$3500

4. AMEX GOLD –> limit = nolimit

5. Z-GELLERY CARD –> limit =$2500, Balance=$0

6. Macys –> limit $600, Balance=$0

Total CL =$11900, Balance=$3500

Question: When the credit unions calculate available credit against the total credit you have, do they count the utility cards (like macys etc ..) as a part of your available/total credit too? just like a regular chase of a bank credit card?


Is this bad? I have 7 credit cards and im only 22.
1. Dell with a 3,000.00 limit
2. Capital one with a 500.00 limit
3. Imagine with a 350.00 limit
4. Dillards with a 300.00 limit
5. Victorias secret with a 600.00 limit
6. The buckle with a 300.00 limit
7. Maurices with a 150.00 limit
A total of $5200.00
My question is is that too many for a 22 year old who just graduated college and now has student loans to pay for and is planning to get married in october and has to pay for most of the wedding also we are planning to have a baby in like a year.

meet the eye

3 years ago i started with a 500 CL. currently i got six, listed in order of frequent use:

Amex Clear – 25000
Amex Blue – 25000
National City Visa – 6750
Chase Freedom Visa – 5000
GAP Visa – 1500
Chase Platinum MC – 7500

current total limit is: $70,750
however, I only use like 2500-3000 a month, and pay them in full every month (never charged with interest). could have used cash but these card give me cash backs or other rewards.

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I have 9 credit cards:

Citi PremierPass Mastercard $8,500
AMEX Blue $5,500
Capital One Platinum Mastercard $4,500
Discover More $2,000
Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa $2,000
WAMU ESPN Visa $2,000
Orchard Bank Platinum Mastercard $2,000
Dell $1,500
Jared $6,500

Each card has a zero balance (never carry a balance) and is in good standing


I just graduated college and have hold four cards since the start.

AMEX: $15k
Citi Dividend: $15k
Discover: $1800
BOA: $3000

Never carried a balance, and am looking in to applying for business card for a new venture.

Debt Advice

Sometimes the key is writing this down to realisign how much debt you have.


I currently have 17 cards. I know, its a stupidly ridiculous number, but, I get attracted to them some how with there features. Here it goes:
1. Citi American Airlines- $58,000 (This is my baby, I use it ALL the time. Regrettably it has a never diminishing balance :()
2. American Express Delta Skymiles- $8,000 (Use when I have to fly Delta, thats the only time.)
3. Barclay L.L. Bean- $2,500
4. Chase Freedom- $45,000
5. PNC Visa- $15,000 (Use as a backup to the Citi AA card)
6. Macy’s Visa- $5,000
7. Shell Oil Mastercard- $1,500
8. American Express Hilton- $17,000 (Never use, dont like Amex)
9. Chase Disney Visa- $1,000 (For the kids at disney)
10. Discover- $6,000
11. BOA Visa- $70,000 (My first card, have never carried a balance)
12. Chase Starbucks Visa- $500
13. Kroger 123 Rewards Mastercard- $1,500 (For buying gas at Kroger)
14. Wachovia Visa- $38,000
15. National City Visa- $6,100
16. National City Travel Visa- $8,000
17. Bank of America APR Accolades Card- $625,000!!! (If my Citi AA card was my baby, this is my wife!!! I love this card. I am a loyal BOA cardholder and am proud of it!!!)
Currently have $156,746 in debt. Too many first class tickets, limos, and suites when I travel. Company doesnt pay for anything but the bare minimum. I will use my yearly $65k travel allowance to pay this down some. Transferred all of the balances of the other cards to the BOA accalades. It will get better soon. I just dont want to take a line of equity out of my house.


Citi PremierPass Mastercard – $17,600
AMEX Green – No preset limit
Citi Sears Gold Mastercard – $8,000
Citi Forward Visa – $5,100
Chase Freedom Visa – $5,000
HSBC Rewards Mastercard – $5,000
Capital One Platinum Mastercard $4,500
GFCU Visa – $4,500
RBS Kroger Mastercard – $4,000
Bank of America Platinum Plus Visa – $4,000
Discover More – $3,000
Orchard Bank Platinum Mastercard – $2,350
Ann Taylor Mastercard – $1,500
Ann Taylor Loft Mastercard – $1,500
New York & Comapny Mastercard – $1,500
Old Navy Visa – $1,000
Walmart Discover Card – $1,000
Macy’s Star Rewards Card – $500

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