Group drawing project: Chewing Pencils’ a Christmas Cartoon


Matt Glover over at Chewing Pencils, a blog about making money from cartooning, has a underway that I just couldn’t resist participating in.

You see, I was the resident cartoonist for my bschool newspaper, where, not surprisingly, I drew comic strip panels related to geeky and fairly obscure bschool-related topics. It was an unpaid side role that I did just for fun, but it was always nice to see faculty and students enjoy my work.

Anyway, the project’s challenge is to draw a Christmas cartoon with the word “blog” in it, and if you’re at all interested, I encourage you to read over the rules and participate. Part of Matt’s challenge is also to sell your work, so I envisioned the cartoon as a Christmas card-format, though I have no expectations of actually pulling in any funds from this :)

After sitting down and thinking a bit, I came up with several other potential cartoon ideas, but I wanted to stick with a theme that was somewhat related to my site, however tangentially. I think any blogger who’s been around even for a month has found herself in the situation of running out of things to write about, so the cartoon is meant to be a satire of the extremes some might go to just for their blog. And I’ve seen plenty of personal finance blogs and many a well-known finance forum contain posts from people complaining (sometimes harshly) about their spouse’s or significant other’s spending habits and money philosophy. Makes you wonder how many spouses and SOs care or even have any idea about what their counterpart is writing to the world about them at times!

Honestly, I’m somewhat embarassed to post this cartoon after seeing the other contributions. It’s been a few years since I last drew, so I’m a little rusty at cartooning, but back in the day I relied on good ol’ ink and paper and scanned in my work. Lacking access to a scanner now, I had to resort to MS Paint, so this was the best I could come up with. I originally started the drawing with cartoons a la The New Yorker in mind but soon found MS Paint to be way too limiting to be able to do what I wanted. Anyway, I’ll save you from hearing the rest of my artistic angst about my cartoon (there’s a lot of it). If I ever decide to do anything serious with cartooning, I’ll have to invest in real software like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

Suggestions and feedback are welcomed, as usual!


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