1-month T-bill now at 5.39% APY, gap continues to widen


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The rate on the 28-day T-bill continues to increase each week, while the 91- and 182-day bills hold steady. Here’s the updated APR chart that includes today’s auction results (click to enlarge):

T-bill rates through 11/30 issuance date

This is a good time to check and review tax-effective yields, using the 28-day bill as an example and California’s 9.3% tax bracket:

Unadjusted APY ………………. 5.39%
Itemizers (deduct state tax)…. 5.95%
Non-Itemizers @ 15%………… 5.06%
Non-Itemizers @ 25%………… 6.16%
Non-Itemizers @ 28%………… 6.19%
Non-Itemizers @ 33%………… 6.26%
Non-Itemizers @ 35%………… 6.29%

If you live in a state with state income tax, I’m not sure there’s another comparable savings account or CD that’s as liquid that would yield comparable rates right now, so T-bills might be a good option to check into!


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