Managing A Stock Or ETF Portfolio From Google Docs

Google Cloud Spreadsheets

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A few weeks ago, I took a look into how you could extract stock prices fairly easy to excel from a website such as Yahoo finance. It’s fairly straight forward. Even easier though is doing this through Google Spreadsheets, the leading cloud spreadsheets solution. There are benefits and downsides but to me it’s a great product to do this. Why?

-Prices are updated automatically!! Google Docs can access data from Google finance if you use the right functions and get live pricing. This enables you to have a live price, live market values and asset allocation, etc.
It’s very easy to use: Once you know the few formulas that you need to use, it becomes very easy to work on the spreadsheet, add positions, etc
It’s Cloud Computing: I’ve written about this but the reality is that being able to access your spreadsheets from any location is a tremendous benefit.

You can see an example of a spreadsheet here:

Try to take a look at any point while North American markets are open (9:30AM-4PM EST) and you will see all of the numbers being updated live! This is something that is simply not possible in Microsoft Excel without adding data subscriptions or subscribing to a service like Bloomberg which is very expensive. You can go see the spreadsheet here:)


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Managing A Stock Or ETF Portfolio From Google Docs | Experiments in Finance


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