Are You Afraid of Financial Unknowns?

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I’ve recently been looking into the unknown. I’ve been trying out ideas that have absolutely no guarantees or promises of any nature. In the past, I used to be afraid of this sort of stuff. Now I’m not.

“The unknown is the black void, the place where failure can happen (and so can success). Our instinct, then, particularly if we’re successful at one thing, is to avoid the unknown.” — Seth Godin

Many of my friends are afraid of the unknown. They worry about finding a steady job and receiving a steady paycheck. They don’t want any risks. They don’t want to take any gambles. While I certainly understand this think, it just isn’t for me.

I’ve been working on launching a new site recently, related to fitness. I’ve been putting in tons of hours into this project. I’ve been dedicating lots of time and taking time away from other tasks.

One of my buddies asked an important question:

How much are you going to get paid for this?

My answer was simple: I have no clue!!! I had no answer because I still haven’t seen a penny from this project nor do I plan on ever seeing a penny from it. Seriously.

I actually do tons of work where there are no guarantees. This site could totally flop. I could invest my money and time into something that will never see the light of day or never see any results. That sort of scary to think about. This project could be a flop. I could be wasting my prime. Yet, I don’t mind at all.

Are you afraid of the financial unknowns?

Many of us have perfect reasons for fearing the unknown: family, kids, mortgage, bills, and not wanting to be homeless.

The majority of us, just don’t want to take risks. We want everything to be the same. We resist change. Does this sound like you? Do you avoid financial risks at all costs?

How can you overcome this fear?

Just try out an idea that comes with no promises. Give it a try. Pour your energy and passion into something that drives you and pushes you. You’ll totally forget about the money and everything else.

I also highly suggest that you keep your current job. I don’t believe in quitting. I’m not that insane. You need to have some money coming in. I just believe that you can use your spare time to create something cool. You don’t have to be afraid of failure. I would be more concerned with the same that comes from not trying. Five years from now you’ll have more regret for not trying than for failing.

I’ve failed many times. It stings. You feel sorry for yourself. You don’t want to talk to anyone. You get over it. It’s not the end of the world. I can promise you this.

Are you going to overcome the fear of financial unknowns? Why not try working on a new project for the next 30 days?


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