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Today, I got a problem that is similar to what I presented last week, on the surface. It’s another example of why understanding the problem is the biggest part of solving it. You can see the problem that I was sent here:

In this case, because it’s not cumulative, we can basically do a simple nested if condition. Basically, for any consumer that has over 200 units consumed, we know the exact cost of those 200 (100 at $0.54 and 100 at $0.75). The same is true for those that have over 100. So I started off by calculating those 2 amounts:


Then, I built the “nested if” condition as follows:


The surcharges were fairly simple to calculate as you can see here!


The amount due is the sum of the 3 amounts. I then dragged the formula and got the following:

You can also download the spreadsheet here


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Hi there,
Can you please explain the logic of G12-200, I know how to calculate this problem by hand, but I am stuck with the formula…Thank you sir.


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