Using Freeze Panes Function In Excel To Improve Your Navigation

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For many of you, working with large sets of data presents many challenges and today I thought I’d give you one way to make life much easier. Here is an example that probably occurs on a regular basis. Look at this spreadsheet:

It’s quite easy to work with this of course. But what if you have thousands of lines and you end up going further down you’d get:

If you add a few columns, you’ll end up with a problem that you’ve probably encountered in the past. You’re stuck going back to line 1 all the time to figure out which column means what.

There Is A Better Way

In such a case, what you do is simple. If you’re looking to always keep that first line visible, you can select cell A2 as follows:

Then, you’d select the menu folder and click on freeze panes:

As you can imagine, either of these 2 options would work:

As you can see, no matter where I go in that sheet, I will still see that first line (with the column headers). The same can be done for a column, etc.


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