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Good morning to all of you! As may of you know, I’ve been looking into ways to improve the way I can help everyone improve their excel skills. More than ever, in a tough economy, being able to distinguish ourselves through Excel can be key in not only finding and keeping a job but getting a step ahead on the competition.

I did end up writing an excel ebook which has now helped hundreds of users. I also make a point to ask every single reader how the ebook has helped and it could get better. I’m looking into many different options in order to help you improve your skills. I have pretty much confirmed the importance of using examples, but there are other things I’d like to know.

-Do you feel like having a broad training course would help or do you prefer using it “on demand” for specific functions when needed?
-How helpful would having videos with demos of the functions be if at all?
-Would having a more structured online excel training course bring value?
-In such a structure, would having “assignments” be helpful? More work but more feedback, etc?
-Would you want some kind of exam that would test your knowledge at the end?

I’m looking at building something in early 2014 and will likely be reaching out to some volunteers who would like to get early access to the material! I’d probably build 2-3 different courses because it seems unlikely that those looking for “beginner’s advice” will be looking for the same kind of info as more advanced users so trying to build a one “cover-it-all” excel course doesn’t seem like the best of ideas.

I’d also love to hear from you if you’ve tried some other courses that are offered online. What did you like of their format and their content? What could be improved?


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