Building Charts In Google Doc Spreadsheets

Google Cloud Spreadsheets

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One of the very interesting things that is possible in Google docs is the ability to create spreadsheets that are easy to view from any location and also possible to share.

I was looking to graph my running in a spreadsheet and initially was going to do it in Excel but then I thought about 2 factors:

-I wanted to be able to update it from my phone, office and home
-I wanted to share the info with my wife and a few friends

That made using a cloud based software the only real solution. I did consider going with Excel but even though it’s gotten much better, it remmains more difficult to use on all kinds of devices such as a smartphone, etc. So in the end, I went towards a Google Doc Spreadsheet. The first step was easy, I entered my monthly totals for the past 3 years:

Then, I simply added a couple of charts:

I then tried a different chart by clicking on “more” to get to this view

I personally felt like this was a much better look:

Here is my final result:


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Building Charts In Google Doc Spreadsheets | Experiments in Finance

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Building Charts In Google Doc Spreadsheets | Experiments in Finance




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