Modifying Small and Big Cap Letters In Excel With Upper, Lower and Proper Functions

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If you have any type of spreadsheets that gets data in text form and has to present it in some way to clients, you surely know that in some cases you need to modify how the text is written. There are many different reasons why you’d need to do it. In some cases that I’ve dealt with, I needed users to write down either “Yes” or “No”. Of course, users would write in any of the following ways:


It becomes very difficult to deal with such answers. One way to rectify that is to use excel functions that will transform the text to match the fomat that you’d like. Let’s take the following cases:

-need to use big caps: =UPPER(A2)

-need to use lower caps= LOWER(A2)

Then, you could want the “proper” format which will have first letters in words be caps and other letters be small caps. Here is what it would look like:

As you can see, it’s extremely simple but can prove to be very useful to better manage data that would otherwise be inconsistent.


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